Is there an expiry date on my certificates?

There is no expiry date on CABWI NVQ, QCF or Street Works certificates. The only date on the certificates is the date that they were issued. The certification does not expire, but some qualifications are linked to registration schemes, and that registration may expire, and require renewal. For example, Street Works qualification certificates can be registered with the Street Works Qualifications Register, and Street Works registration must be renewed every five years.

How do I set up a CABWI assessment centre?

To set up a centre through CABWI, you will need to apply to deliver the relevant scheme (Street Works or QCF qualifications), and to demonstrate that your centre has the facilities, resources and expertise required to meet the requirements of any qualifications that it would like to deliver. You will need to complete and submit a centre application, and an application for each assessor and internal verifier who will be involved in delivering qualifications. (There are separate application forms for Street Works and QCF centres.  If your centre requires approval for both schemes then you will need to ensure that both sets of forms are completed.)

The facilities and resource requirements, and the expertise required for assessors and verifiers, will vary for different schemes and qualifications. Please contact CABWI to request copies of the centre guidance for each qualification that you wish to deliver, and to obtain copies of the relevant centre and personnel application forms.

How can I renew my Street Works Card?

Street Works cards are issued by the Street Works Qualifications Register (SWQR) in Glasgow. Please contact the SWQR direct for details of their card renewal process. The contact details are:

The Street Works Qualifications Register (SWQR)
The Optima Building
58 Robertson Street
G2 8DQ.
Tel: 0845 270 2720
Fax: 0845 213 5000
E-mail: swqr@sqa.org.uk
Website: www.swqr.org.uk
Please note: As of 6 April 2011, a reassessment process has been introduced.  Anyone wishing to renew their Street Works card must provide ’Reassessed’ certificates to show that they have completed the reassessment process for any qualifications that they wish to re-register.  Alternatively, they may be assessed in full against the main scheme requirements and issued with new Street Works certificates.

How can I order duplicate certificates?

Duplicate unit or qualification certificates for CABWI qualifications may be ordered from CABWI, using our duplicate certificate request form . These certificates are clearly marked as ‘DUPLICATEand may be requested by a learner (candidate) who has gained a unit or qualification through CABWI, by their employer, or by a candidate’s assessment centre. The fees for duplicate certificates are as follows:

  • Street Works certificates (each unit or full qualification): £6.80.
  • QCF certificates (each unit or full qualification): £15.00.
  • NVQ certificates (each unit or full award): £14.00.

CABWI reserves the right to request payment, and/or to request additional identification details for learners (candidates) before issuing duplicate certificates.

Please Note: Unless you are applying for duplicate certificates through an approved assessment centre, all duplicate certificate requests must be made by post, using signed hard copies of the duplicate request form. Payment may be made by cheque or by BACS transfer.

Where can I find an approved assessment centre near me?

Details of current approved CABWI centres for Street Works, Street Works reassessment, QCF qualifications or NVQs can be found on the Resources page. The lists are updated regularly as new centres are approved.

What is Street Works Reassessment?

With effect from the 6 April 2011, anyone who wishes to renew their Street Works card must be reassessed for any qualifications needing renewal.  Reassessment is undertaken by means of a multiple-choice knowledge test, which can be taken at approved reassessment centres.  The Street Works Qualifications Register needs confirmation that reassessment has taken place in order to renew the card.

The only alternative to undertaking the reassessment test is to be assessed in full against the requirements of the main Street Works Scheme.  Successful candidates will then be issued with new Street Works certificates, which can be used to confirm currency for card renewal.

Where can I find a list of CABWI’s current products?

A copy of CABWI’s current list of qualifications, for all schemes (QCF and Street Works) can be found here.

The list is updated regularly, as new products become available.