The Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) is the qualifications framework that replaced the National Qualifications Framework in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with effect from 2011.

QCF qualifications are based on units of assessment, which may be combined into specific qualifications. Each QCF unit has a level and a credit value, and, over time, learners may build up credit across different units and combinations of units.  The QCF is designed to allow transfer of credit, where appropriate, between qualifications, to ensure that each learner gains the maximum recognition of and benefit from their learning.

Each QCF qualification has a Level (from 1-8), and will be titled according to its size, as either an Award (1-12 credits), Certificate (13-36 credits) or Diploma (37+ credits). A full list of current QCF qualifications is available on our Resources page, and more detailed information about specific qualifications, including qualifications handbooks, can be obtained from CABWI.  Recognised centres can access this content via the Resources page, once they have centre access.

Most of CABWI’s water industry and multi-utility QCF qualifications are Certificates or Diplomas at Level 2 or Level 3, although some qualifications are also available at Level 1 and Level 4.  CABWI’s NVQs have been replaced with QCF competence-based qualifications, and new knowledge-based qualifications are also available, to support the provision of the Water Industry Apprenticeship. Learners wishing to register for qualifications previously covered by NVQs must now register for the equivalent QCF qualifications.  Details of the QCF qualifications that have replaced CABWI’s NVQ provision can be found on the Resources page.

In Scotland, CABWI works jointly with SQA Awarding Body to ensure that Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) have been offered since 2011 in the Scottish Qualifications & Credit Framework (SCQF).  SQA Awarding Body and CABWI provide these qualifications as a joint awarding body, with centre approvals, registrations and certifications being managed by SQA.  Further information on SVQ content, accreditation arrangements, and centre recognition, can be obtained through SQA, or by contacting CABWI.