Street Works

Street Works Qualifications for Supervisors and Operatives

Under the New Roads and Street Works Act (1991) (NRSWA), the installation, renewal, maintenance and inspection of underground apparatus in any street or roads must be under the control of competent people.

This means that street works will be supervised by a qualified street works ‘supervisor’. In addition, whether the street is excavated or not, a ‘trained operative’, with an ‘operative’ qualification must be present on site at all times when the work is in progress. One person may not cover the operative and supervisor roles for a site at the same time.

If you are working or supervising works in the highway, you could be required to hold one or more of the Street Works qualifications, depending on your job role. There are sixteen units of competence for operatives and supervisors. Nine units are applicable to operatives and eight to supervisors. One of these units (Unit 1) applies to both groups. Details of the Street Works Scheme structure can be found on our Resources page.

The Street Works Scheme is delivered through approved assessment centres. If you would like a list of current CABWI Street Works assessment centres, details of how to set up a Street Works centre, or if you have any queries about the scheme content or delivery, please contact us.

The Street Works Qualifications Register (SWQR)

Anyone wishing to become a recognised operative or supervisor for Street Works must gain the relevant Street Works qualifications, and must register their certification with the Street Works Qualifications Register (SWQR), under Sections 67 and 126 of the New Roads and Street Works Act.

The SWQR is maintained in Glasgow, at the invitation of the Department for Transport, and holds details of qualified supervisors and operatives who can carry out these roles on site.

As a Street Works awarding body, CABWI works with the SWQR to ensure that each qualified operative or supervisor can be issued with a durable ID card to confirm that they have the appropriate qualifications. Operatives and supervisors may be required to produce their ID cards while working on site. Street Works cards must be renewed every five years. SWQR registration must remain current in order for someone to act as a qualified operative or supervisor.

Street Works Reassessment

With effect from 6 April 2011, all operatives and supervisors wishing to renew their SWQR cards will need to be reassessed. Reassessment will be delivered through approved assessment centres, and is covered through a knowledge test. For details of how to become a CABWI approved centre for Street Works reassessment, please contact us.