CABWI Third Party Endorsement service provides a cost-effective external endorsement of the quality and consistency of training that companies deliver in house. The service is intended for companies who wish to enhance their internal training provision for specific courses, through external endorsement by CABWI, as a recognised quality assurance body.

Companies seeking recognition through the Third Party Endorsement service may be water or utility companies, contractors, or training providers. CABWI’s endorsement process provides endorsement of the courses and certificates issued under the scheme, but the company is responsible for the content, quality and delivery of training.

Companies seek recognition against CABWI’s company endorsement criteria, and also provide details of the courses which they wish CABWI to recognise. Once a company’s course is recognised, the company can choose for those who complete the course to receive a certificate, issued by CABWI and jointly badged with the logo of CABWI and the company. CABWI endorsement provides evidence that the training has been delivered consistently, to a high standard, and against stated requirements.

The third party endorsement service provides a learner with the opportunity to demonstrate that they have received training to meet industry standards; demonstrates that the training is delivered to consistent standards, according to sound training practice, and meeting the aims and objectives of the course title and training syllabus; and provides a quality mark for the delivery of in-house company training. The service is available to all companies, small, medium or large, who can meet the criteria in the application form.